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Wassup Mane​?​! (Album Version) feat. RC da Colaman, Flipp Wiggins, DJ Lubejob, and Mickey True

from by Juicy Mane

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Neil: Hey Phil Hey Phil
Phil: What?
Neil: Hey Phil, Wassup Mane?

Wassup Mane?! X16

Verse (Juicy Mane):
When I wake up in the morning I say “Wassup Mane?!”
When I show up at my job I say “Wassup Mane?!”
When I'm pickin up my phone I say “Wassup Mane?!”
If you waiting for a text back it's like “Wassup Mane?!”
When I go to my mail it's like “Wassup Mane?!”
When I'm waving at my neighbor I say “Wassup Mane?!”
When I write a letter to my mom it's “Wassup Mane?!”
When I reply to a job email I be like “Wassup Mane?!”
Im bout to do an interview Im like yo “Wassup Mane?!”
I’m bout see your grandma too I say “Wassup Mane?!”
I shake your grandpa’s hand Im like yo yo yo “Wassup Mane?!”
I went to the bathroom and saw the toilet Im like “Wassup Mane?!”
I went to your house and saw your cat I say yo “Wassup Mane?!”
I pet your dog up on his belly I say “Wassup Mane?!”
I finna touch her body then I tell her “Wassup Mane?!”
Im finna lay this girl down then I tell her “Wassup Mane?!”

Verse (RC da Colaman):
Wassup Mane?! RC DA COLAMAN!
On the track, what it do? holla Wassup Mane?!
Brought me back from the dead. True! Wassup Mane?!
On my sandwich, no mayo. That’s Wassup Mane?!
When my order’s wrong. Ay yo that’s a fuck up mane!
Down in Memphis my whole city be like Wassup Mane?!
Keep it grimy. Keep it gritty. Ha! Wassup Mane?!
Travel round the planet errwhere its Wassup Mane?
They don’t understand it. Say it slower WASSSUUPPP MMAANEEE?!
My address 123 Wassup Mane?! Blvd
Wave to the security guard. Wassup Mane?!
Walkin treadmills. Go to town. Wassup Mane?!
Poppin head pills. Choke em down. Wassup Mane?!
When I walk into the office I’m like “Hey how are you?”
When its time to go I get the door like “Wassup Fool?!”
Finding pleasure in the simple things like this song.
Wassup Mane?! Wassup Mane?! Go on and sing along.

Verse (Flipp Wiggins):
Wassup mane? How you doin? What's the plan?
Flim flies got me flippin, so I’m dippin on the man.
I’m a playa, I’m ya partna, I’m as cool as a fan.
Sippin too much juice, I’ma have to hit the can.
Wassup mane? I’ma rip it, I’ma dip it, I’m a chounky boi.
If you like fishsticks, I’m a fuckin Koi.
Automatic or the stick, I don’t fuck with soy.
I don’t play at the table, I said fuck a toy.
Wassup mane? How you feelin? Who be squealin?
Lick my thumb fore I count, guess how many I be peelin.
It’s a grip, It’s a trip, I be on another planet.
I be high on mo drugs, think the mother ship landed.
Wassup mane? I be all the way down like goose.
Juicy Mane whippin, so you know I got loose.
Y'all act dumb, but you know it’s no excuse.
I’ma be in this bitch till I reproduce.

Verse (Lubejob):
Rolling in the street and I Holler at the Juicy Mane
Respect to his crew and Im screaming wassup mane
If you asking me you might not understand
Sit down and listen I’ll show you da plan
First pass dat blunt, put right it my hand
I’m so rich blunt roller make a hundred grand
Kush got me wavy, I'm feeling so gravy
My boo wants to smash to but for now it’s a maybe
Cuz I got shit to do, can’t waste my time you
Got money to make and plans with my crew
Cuz I been running streets before you learned to hit snooze
Now pass me that tequila, I need a shot of booze.
This life is crazy it’s got me saying wassup mane
I need some help some wisdom from the Juicy Mane
This life is crazy it’s got me saying wassup mane
I need some help some wisdom from the Juicy Mane

Verse (Mickey True):
Yeah. Mickey True. Bnb. Wassup Mane? Wassup Mane?
Wassup Mane?!


from From the Juice and Within the Juice, released March 27, 2020
Original Composition by Phillip Buck and Chill Neil aka Juicy Mane and Colin Patrick Martin
Recorded in Denver, CO. Lyrics by Phillip Buck and Chill Neil aka Juicy Mane, Brian Ahern, Colin Patrick Martin, Andy Lubner, and Michael Nalbach.
Mixed by Colin Patrick Martin
Mastered by Frank Reynolds
Album Art by Phillip Buck


all rights reserved



Juicy Mane Denver, Colorado

MANE, I'm just out here tryna do me whatever that looks like at this particular moment in time.

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